I feel like Berlin has a stigma attached to it. Generation X & Yers have this perception that Berlin is full of anti-mainstream culture, weirdos, lost souls and techno loving, drug using ravers. This is all true. I even found an article from the age that fully supports my point.


Ironically, this bizarre new hipster culture whereby being unique and different is considered cool, has become one of the most trendy identities of my peers. Berlin really does seem to be a bit of a hipster hub. In my opinion, however, an environment where everyone strives to out do each others originality can actually be quite inspiring and exciting. Sure, there are some people that take it way too far.

But underneath this identifiable aesthetic can be a pretty awesome person, who has a thirst for knowledge and meeting people. And this to me, sums up a Berliner. Whether they dress like hipsters or not, I feel like a Berliner is constantly wanting to be challenged by new ideas and new people, and once you move past the Berliners abrupt nature, you’re likely to make a friend for life.
My entire month of December was spent in random bars in Kreuzberg (hipster dominated area of Berlin) with a friend of mine who I had met over there, drinking, attempting to speak German to one another, and after a couple of German Pilsners, others who perhaps about 50% of the time would receive us positively. But those Berliners who were sometimes expats from America and England are to this day close friends who I keep in contact with.
So to conclude, yes, Berlin contains hipsters, but there are worse people than hipsters in this world, but if you look beyond the thick rimmed glasses and pink and orange top hat contrasted with sequined jumpsuit and cons, you just might find a friend for life.


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