Snaps from my most recent trip.

So I’m thinking with this post, I’m just going to post a bunch of photos that to me depict Berlin.

This is Görlitzer Park, my favourite park in Berlin. You go there, and find yourself hearing a cacophony of musicians and singers, others lounging around the park, drinking beer and relaxing. SO. MUCH. FUN.

This is my friends and I being massive tourists at Bradenburg Gate. Erected in the 18th Century, it is the cities former main gate. To be honest, I don’t find it particularly special, it’s what next to the gate that I like.

This is my friends and I at the “Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe.” Consisting of 2711 huge slightly a-symmetrical concrete slabs, walking through it can make you feel uneasy and confused. An innovative, original and important piece of architecture, marking something that should never be forgotten.

I CAN NOT TELL YOU, HOW GOOD KEBABS ARE IN BERLIN. There is a huge Turkish community in Berlin that have inspired a huge kebab eating culture. These kebabs rarely cost more than 3.50 euros and taste like.. I literally have no words to express how good they are.

BERLIN WALL!! Pretty surreal walking down the wall for the first time. Pretty strange it only came down in 1989. When meeting people in bars, at functions, in parks, or just around one of the questions you ask them if they were born in Germany is “East or West?” To which they give their answer and if it’s West, a really confronting story will potentially ensue. A met this really lovely woman at an English expats comedy gig. Over Club Mate’s (Germany’s Red Bull) and Vodka she told me that her friend was at a party one evening on the East side of Berlin, that same evening the Berlin Wall was built. Herself and this friend of hers family, didn’t see her family again until the wall came down. Stories like that have the ability to make you feel so overwhelmingly grateful to having grown up in Australia.

One day a year in Berlin, one of Berlins most famous squat buildings opens its doors to the public. The building is an abandoned department store, but is mostly referred to as “the building with f*** off mediaspree graffitied onto it.”

In Berlin there is a strong resentment of gentrification. “Mediaspree” is a large property investment company in Berlin intending to build a stream of media and telecommunication buildings along the river that flows through Berlin. It is responsible for the O2 Arena recently built in the hopes of bringing those with corporate wealth interested in sports and large scale concerts to Berlin, given that although Germany itself if a wealthy country, Berlin is a city in great financial turmoil.

One of the funniest/ strangest things I have ever seen in my life would have to be an incident on my most recent trip, where I was casually walking to a street in Kreuzberg and I see this grumpy 70 year old man walk up to a shiny, brand new Mercedes Benz with a Munich number plate, kick it as hard as he could and exclaim “Wilkommen in Berlin,” which translates to “Welcome to Berlin.”

This anti-authoritarian feeling, is something most open minded young people can identify with. This is a huge part of what I think makes Berlin special, and why so many people identify with the culture and people.


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