Who is Berlin

In November of 2011, I finally plucked myself out of the Melbourne party scene after purchasing a one way ticket to Frankfurt in the hopes of doing some much needed soul-searching, esteem boosting and vocational discovery. Originally my intentions were to spend 3 months traveling around Europe, in the harsh infamous European winter that supposedly inspires pensiveness. When I first arrived in Frankfurt, Germany I found myself suffering through a series of awful experiences with Frankfurt International Airport staff, followed by getting on a train headed for Hamburg, and being thrown off said train because I had purchased a ticket to Berlin (which at the time was where I thought I was headed). After what felt like a lifetime, I arrived in Berlin and was met by the meanest hostel receptionist I’ve ever met, who wouldn’t let me check into my dorm until 5pm in the afternoon. Alas I don’t want to get bogged down with detail, my point is this: my first encounter with Germany was seriously not good. Ironically, I left Germany once for a week in the 3 months I had planned to spend traveling around most of Western Europe, so it definitely got better.

My intentions in writing this blog is not to sell Berlin, but attempt to understand what makes Berlin the magical place I believe it to be. I plan to write about Berlin culture, including but not limited to street art, Berliners (expats, those from East Germany, those from West Germany, the rare few who actually grew up in Berlin and have chosen to remain there (you get the picture, it’s a multicultural place)), German Techno, German nightlife, and the history in particular the wall.


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