Berlin I love you, but you’re bringing me down.

Much like the LDC Soundsystem track I feel that Berlin can “freak you out.”

So. Berlin has a huge infamous party scene, whereby you go, spend a heap of euros in order to gain entry into a club or bar in order to have a crazy evening meeting people, dancing and listening to German techno like you’ve never listened to techno before.

A classic example of German techno can be sampled here:

As much as when you’re a little drunk, amongst your friends, in a foreign country and feeling open to a whole new culture of “fun times,” Berlin nightlife can get a little addictive. Furthermore, it can get to a point where you’ve listened to so much techno, that you feel as though all you’ve done is listen to techno, danced heaps and awoken to sore feet and a hangover. Try doing this for 4 weeks straight. You will never have experienced such a low in your whole life. I can not express how meaningless and empty you feel after blowing uncountable euros on elaborate dance parties, filling yourself to the brim with pilsner, and although you meet wonderful people, and enjoy yourself in the moment, the way you feel when the sun rises and you haven’t yet been to bed starts to make you feel a little loopy.

Point of this post: take advantage of the nightlife in Berlin. But in the wise old words of Oscar Wilde: Everything in moderation…

Including moderation…..?


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