straße art.

So after one particularly long evening spent to speaking to some British Berlin enthusiasts I decided, for a city that I felt at home in, I didn’t know nearly enough about something Berlin prides itself on.

This is street art.


Being in the wonderfully financial state of “struggling student, on the verge of calling up my parents to bail me out,” I decided a free walking tour would suffice. So me and a whole bunch of friends, from home and from the hostel woke up at 9am, and dragged ourselves down the Alexanderplatz train station, which is located in Mitte, a very central almost CBD-like area.


It begins, the sun is out, our tour guide in Australia (can’t help but feel some small sense of pride and appreciation) and we start walking down a winding path taking photos and seeing some pretty spectacular art.


This is a classic example of what you can find in Berlin.


You really can’t even begin to understand just how large these pieces of art are, and how long it would have taken the artist to complete. And as much as I felt completely enamoured with the complexities, social commentary, artistic skill and creativity I found none as evoking as this guy:


This is the face of Mein Lieber, which translated to English means “My love.” No one knows the identity of Mein Lieber, but she/he claims to have spray painted over 20,000 of these faces around Berlin that point and laugh at the viewer. Sometimes Mein Liebers finger is pointed at you, sometimes it’s pointed at another piece of Mein Liebers work, but the bottom line is, Mein Liebers work is so simple and so engaging. Every single day after the tour at least twice a day I would find these little roundheaded dudes pointing at laughing at me and my friends, so much so that I grew fond of the little guy.



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