meeting people

The first people you meet when you first arrive to Berlin is either, other Australian friends of yours who you’ve already met, unfamiliar Australians, British people, or Americans in the hostel you’re staying in. Then maybe someone of these 4 groups will say, “LETS GO TO ON A PUB CRAWL!” I suggest either running away, […]

straße art.

So after one particularly long evening spent to speaking to some British Berlin enthusiasts I decided, for a city that I felt at home in, I didn’t know nearly enough about something Berlin prides itself on. This is street art.   Being in the wonderfully financial state of “struggling student, on the verge of calling up my […]

Snaps from my most recent trip.

So I’m thinking with this post, I’m just going to post a bunch of photos that to me depict Berlin. This is Görlitzer Park, my favourite park in Berlin. You go there, and find yourself hearing a cacophony of musicians and singers, others lounging around the park, drinking beer and relaxing. SO. MUCH. FUN. This […]

Who is Berlin

In November of 2011, I finally plucked myself out of the Melbourne party scene after purchasing a one way ticket to Frankfurt in the hopes of doing some much needed soul-searching, esteem boosting and vocational discovery. Originally my intentions were to spend 3 months traveling around Europe, in the harsh infamous European winter that supposedly […]